Life is filled with several momentous occasions that you would want to remember for many years to come. Wedding Ceremonies By Design is dedicated to giving you remarkable and personalised ceremonies for the important milestones in your life.

Our team provides services for various ceremonies such as big and small weddings, baby naming and welcoming, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, funerals, and memorials in the Newcastle area. We are committed to giving you support from the planning stage until the day of the ceremony.

Customised and personalised ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies By Design offers ceremonies that are customised to fit your preferences and needs. Whatever the occasion is, we will carefully listen to your ideas and opinions regarding how you want the ceremony to proceed. If you are not sure with what you want, we will provide you with reading materials, online resources, and ceremony samples to help you find what you are looking for.

For weddings, you could choose between a traditional and an unconventional ceremony, whichever would best reflect your religious and cultural beliefs and values. You could also opt to have a formal, semi-formal, or casual atmosphere at the venue that you chose and at a time and date that you prefer. You also get to decide the size of the gathering, as we offer services for both big and intimate weddings.

For renewal of vows and baby naming and welcoming ceremonies, you could add elements that will symbolise what you are celebrating for. You can personally pick out the music to use during the event, and even add poetry and other practices that will make the significant milestone in your life a truly memorable one.

The funeral services that we offer are committed to celebrating and memorialising the life of your loved one who has passed away. We make sure that the funeral would best reflect his or her life, making it a meaningful way to say your final goodbyes.

Here at Wedding Ceremonies By Design, we are detail-oriented and we guarantee to prioritise your needs and preferences. We provide face-to-face meetings especially during the planning stage to help us design a ceremony that is uniquely you. We also handle all the details such as booking for the venue, decorations, finding the caterer, and completing and filing the necessary legal documents, if any. After the event, we will provide you with presentation copies of the ceremony and keepsake certificates to remember this momentous occasion.

We would love to be a part of your next special milestone. Contact us for a ceremony that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.