Small Weddings

When talking about weddings, most people imagine a grand ceremony with fancy cake and decors, and a room full of guests. These types of weddings, of course, come with a hefty price tag. However, if you are practical and don’t want to spend too much, or if you simply want to share your big day with a few selected loved ones, a small wedding is just perfect for you.

Having a small wedding doesn’t make it any less special. Here at Wedding Ceremonies By Design, we will provide you with a full wedding experience but on a smaller scale. We are committed to giving you first-class services that won’t hurt your pockets, and we ensure that you will have long lasting memories of your special day.

No-fuss intimate wedding service

In wedding ceremonies, it is not important to have multi-tiered cakes and tons of guests. What are important are the words you exchange with your significant other and being able to celebrate your love together exactly how you want it.

Wedding Ceremonies By Design knows exactly how to give you the intimate wedding of your dreams. We have face-to-face planning sessions with our clients to make sure that their opinions and ideas are incorporated into the design of the wedding ceremony. When you choose us to plan your small wedding, you can pick the venue where the ceremony will be held, the time and day of the event, the music to be played and the number of guests. We can even help you write your vows.

On the day itself, we would take care of the whole ceremony, leaving you stress-free on your wedding day.  The great thing about this is that you can have this small yet personalised wedding ceremony without breaking the bank!

Here at Wedding Ceremonies By Design, we take care of your small wedding from planning and preparation to the day itself. For celebrants who want to be more involved in the planning stage of the wedding, we personally meet up with our clients to get to know them and how they want their wedding to be.

Our team will provide you with different resources and samples to help you get wedding ceremony ideas. After designing a personalised wedding, we make sure that all the ceremony details go as planned. We will also handle all the documents needed to legalise your marriage, making sure they are processed within 24 hours after your wedding.