Wedding Party Bus for Hens Parties and Bucks Parties

Experience a whole new level of excitement with your friends by hiring a wedding party bus for your hens and bucks’ parties. This large vehicle is perfect for holding a private event for a small group of people as it’s featured with a bar, a big television with great acoustics, lights, ample seating, and a spacious dance floor.

Get the party on wheels rolling and make the night memorable. Why should you wait to get to the actual venue when you can start the party as soon as your friends get on the wedding party bus?

No stress, all fun

A wedding party bus does not just guarantee fun and enjoyment, as everyone in your group will be safe with a driver whisking you from one interesting destination to the next. They can enjoy the hens or bucks party without worrying about who will drive them later. The wedding party bus driver will pick and bring home each of your guests right at their doorstep.

If you’re the best man or the maid of honour organising this event then take your seat and just relax. There’s no need to stress over how the party is moving along because everything you need is right on the bus. You’re free to enjoy the night with your friends and partake in the food, drinks and saucy entertainment.

party bus newcastle
wedding party bus newcastle

Everyone in one place

The idea behind a hens or bucks night is to share an intimate and unforgettable experience with your friends. While you can also do this by renting a room at a hotel or a bar for some privacy, the guests arrive and leave in their own time and using separate rides. Imagine the logistics nightmare if you need to get to different places for a hens and bucks’ weekend.

With a wedding party bus, however, you can be sure that everyone gets and leaves the party and events together. There will be no missed connections, or guests getting lost, or friends wasting their time looking for the venue. The party’s activities can take place swiftly when everyone’s gathered in one place.

Tailored to your taste

You can tailor whatever you want your guests to experience during the hens or bucks party on a wedding party bus. Since this venue offers so much privacy, you can customise the kind of entertainment for the guests to experience.

Now, hens and bucks’ night can expectedly get rowdy and naughty. Besides drinking and dancing, you’re free to hold an outrageous theme party, have a sing-off, play different games, and invite strippers to perform and entice the crowd.

Travel in style

The hens or bucks party travels with you on a wedding party bus even as you shift to different destinations. It’s the best way to keep the vibe and merrymaking up all day (and night) when you’ve got a dozen of activities planned for your friends.

For instance, you could start the party with a nature trip and then move the spa for a few hours of pampering and relaxing. In the next couple of hours, you would be heading to your dining venue and then end the night at a fancy nightclub.

In between those trips, you and your friends get on the wedding party bus to play games, or dance, or drink. There’s never going to be a dull moment as you hop from one activity to the next so you and your guests will have fond memories of this hens or bucks’ celebration for as long as you live!

If that’s not enough, the party bus can even be the venue itself! Set up a road trip with full-on entertainment like you’ve never experienced before.

If you’d like to make a great and lasting impression, consider using a wedding party bus for your hens parties or bucks parties. Get in touch with Ceremonies By Design to get this party rolling.

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