Hens Parties Packages and Male Strippers

Hens Parties Packages and Male Strippers

It’s a great honour to be given the responsibility of planning a hens’ party. But rounding up the girls to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last hurrah before she walks down the aisle can be a daunting task.

Ideally, you’d like to have a hens party with the right mix of class, fun, and sass. You want a night to never forget with the girls. Below are a few party ideas you may consider.

Weekend at the Spa

Spa parties for the bride and her friends are all too common but there’s a reason it’s still a favourite choice for enjoying a hens’ party. Since wedding planning can be stressful, this is the best reward and the perfect tonic for the girls. You and your friends can relax, recalibrate, and boost your wellbeing just before the big day.

Pick a spa with great facilities. It must be well-staffed to accommodate a large group of girls in one rotation so that you can all get treatments at the same time. Also, make sure that the spa is used to tailoring treatments for guests that have special requests.

Red Carpet Glam Time

Treat your girlfriends to a hair and makeup session with a professional and throw in a photoshoot in the mix. The girls will not only get valuable hair and makeup advice, which they can apply for the bride’s big day. They can also learn some posing tips and project their best angle knowing that everyone’s going to be taking pictures on the wedding day.

To kick things up a notch, why not immortalise the night on video? Since you’re all groomed and dressed up, and there’s a guy who knows how to work the camera then you can create your own music video or a short documentary of the occasion just for the fun of it!

Cook Up a Storm

Holding a cooking class with a professional chef is perfect for the bride. It will help her to learn a few tips on how to cook up a storm in the kitchen and impress her husband. You can also personalise the cooking session with games and other forms of entertainment.

Single Ladies Dance Class

Arranging a dance class for the hens’ party is also a classic idea. Who doesn’t love dancing when it’s a fun and an invigorating activity? Perhaps the bride might want to learn a particular dance routine for her first dance as a missus. Maybe she’d also like to learn a few sexy dance moves to surprise her new husband on their big night.

To spice things up and give this party an edge, consider hiring a male stripper as the highlight of your dance class. But first, don’t forget to ask the bride and your friends if they are comfortable with this idea. Some of them might not be open to watching an attractive man gyrating with hardly any clothes on. You won’t want a guest who’s going to be the buzz kill, so this isn’t a surprise to pull.

Naughty Sleepover for Grownups

Now, who says you should head somewhere else to enjoy a hens’ party when you can indulge and plan a pampering session right in the comforts of home?  As a twist, you can set up a glamping weekend where the guests can sleep under the stars in a tent in the backyard.

It’s similar to the sleepovers you’ve enjoyed with your friends as kids. However, instead of watching movies or playing with dolls, you can do something really naughty.

For example, let loose with a game of Hunks in Trunks, which is much like the children’s game of pinning the tail on the donkey. Except that instead of the donkey, it’s a poster of a hot guy or the bride’s celebrity ultimate crushes. Instead of a tail, ask the girls to pin a trunk!


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